bibliography: 7. decolonising landart & site-based aesthetic interventions

2014 fragment of Utopiana - Geneve - Rhone study

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compiled project bibliographies: 2017 June 22 bibliography À la recherche de certaines récoltes presque perdu

  1. decolonising landart & site-based aesthetic interventions

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bibliography: 8. site planning as contemporary aesthetic practice


2016 August 12 chokecherry by grunenfelder & ingram IMG_0008

chokecherry, Prunus virginiana, above Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island 2016 August 12 photograph by Alex Grünenfelder & Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram

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compiled project bibliographies: 2017 June 22 bibliography À la recherche de certaines récoltes presque perdu




  1. site planning

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bibliography: 9. video, audio & new archives as ‘designs’ for public space

Utopiana mosaic 1 castle&ingram 2014

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complete project bibliographies: 2017 June 22 bibliography À la recherche de certaines récoltes presque perdu

  1. video, audio & new archives as ‘designs’ for public space

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